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30. “One Of Those Hideous Books Where The Mother Dies” Sonya Sones. (268 pages.)

"I love to read,
but I can't stand books like that.

And I flat out refuse
to have one of those lives
that I wouldn't even want
to read about."

"But at least I'm numb --
as if my heart's been Novocained."

31. “The Only Girl In The Car” Kathy Dobie. (228 pages.)

"There were no eyes that brightened with love or pleasure when they saw me. The light had gone out and I couldn't figure out how to turn it on again."

"Mrs. DeAngelis jerked open the door and yelled, "You get out of here now or I'll call the police! Your hear me? Get out of here!"
She didn't look like some lady who was going to call the cops. She looked like someone who would grab the thing nearest to her - a pot, a leg of lamb, a meat cleaver - and take care of the problem herself."

32. “Downers Grove” Michael Hornburg. (231 pages.)

"Your father has gone off to find himself." She turned and looked at me for the longest time. "He wants to make believe he's someone else.""

"I don't want you seeing so many R-rated movies!" she said, trying to be a mother.
"Mom, life is an R-rated subject."

Total pages read: 7630
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