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11. “Feeling Sorry For Celia” Jaclyn Moriarty. (276 pages.)
"If you're bored tonight why don't you write down everything that comes to mind when you hear the word toothpaste?"

12. “As Always, Jack” Emma Sweeney. (179 pages.)

"Well, HALLELUJAH! FOUR letters - ranging from April 28th to May 27th - came home today and the world looks much different. One was sealed with a kiss, one was sealed with a Big kiss, one was sealed with a peck (?), and one was just sealed, which means I got spit on."

"(honest, darling, you're the only dental assistant in my life)(in fact, you're the only girl in my life)(in fact, you're my life)."

13. “Don’t Kiss Them Good-Bye” Allison DuBois. (193 pages.)

"Somewhere between childhood and adulthood we can lose our sense of conscience if we're not careful."

"Growing up shouldn't mean giving up."

"Saying good-bye when you know it's for the last time is like no other sadness you will ever experience."

14. “Scratch The S” Benjamin M. LeRoy. (160 pages.) (reread)
15. “Amy’s Answering Machine: Messages From Mom” Amy Borkowsky. (125 pages) (reread)
16. “The Other Side And Back” Sylvia Browne. (279 pages.)

(I don't know where my quotes are for the re-reads off hand.)

Total pages read: 3864
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